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The Turkish M52T self-propelled howitzer

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The Turkish M52T self-propelled howitzer is a Turkish made system based on an upgrade of US-built M52 artillery system.

Trials of upgraded vehicle were completed in 1994 and production commenced in 1995. A total of 365 vehicles were upgraded to the M52T standard. Turkish Army is the sole operator of this artillery system.

The original short-barrel 105-mm howitzer was replaced with a 155-mm / L39 weapon. The same manually-loaded howitzer was used to the German M109A3. This artillery system fires Turkish ammunition. Maximum range of fire is 18 km with standard projectile, 24 km with shaped projectile and 30 km with rocket assisted. Ammunition racks have been modified to accommodate larger rounds. A spade is lowered to the ground before firing. It absorbs some of the recoil.

The M52T SPH is fitted with Turkish digital command and fire control system.

Vehicle has a fully-enclosed armored hull and turret. Protection is against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. An unusual feature of this artillery system is that the driver is seated in the turret. Turret can traverse 60 degrees left and right.

Original petrol engine of the M52 was replaced with new and more fuel efficient MTU diesel. It is worth mentioning, that operational range with the petrol engine was only 160 km.


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