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Kuwait eyes nuke energy within 7 yrs

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Kuwait's Minister of Electricity and Water Bader Al-Shuraiaan yesterday affirmed Kuwait's interest in acquiring and harnessing alternative energy - namely nuclear and solar energy - and predicted the start of using this power resource in seven years.

The minister, in a statement to KUNA on sidelines of the Paris international conference on peaceful usage of nuclear energy, affirmed that this source of power is clean and nature friendly. He affirmed Kuwait's approach to depend more on eco-friendly en
ergy resources and cut dependency on polluting fossil fuels, noting the country's mounting need to increase production of electricity and water.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has formed a special committee chaired by Dr Ahmad Beshara and grouping academics and experts to undertake the task of acquiring and using the nuclear energy in line with international treaties and resolutions. Moreover, a special team has been assigned to choose an adequate site on the national territory to build a nuclear reactor.

Elaborating, he noted that Kuwait initialed an accord with France for cooperation in this domain, alluding to the tentative agreement reached last January. It called for harnessing enriched uranium at internationally acceptable levels, habilitating cadres and using the energy in medicine, agriculture, geology and industrial medicine. Al-Shuraiaan said the ministry, through the BOT commission, would launch a power station powered with solar energy, noting that several foreign companies have tendered for inv
estment in the venture.

Asked when the nuclear energy would be practically used in Kuwait, the minister indicated that this might happen in seven years. As to safety, he affirmed that states that use nuclear energy have made headways in securing nuclear sites. Earlier yesterday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy inaugurated the conference, affirming that peaceful nuclear energy has become a basic issue for the future of mankind. He called on the international community to find ways to fund this energy for nations that suffer from
power depletion.

France, since 1970, has opted to venture into the world of nuclear power, Sarkozy said, noting that the French nowadays boast of acquisition of 58 electrical nuclear stations, adding that up to 80 percent of the electrical power in the European nation is produced from nuclear energy. The event is witnessing participation of 65 states. Al-Shuraiaan is heading a delegation which consists of members of the national committee for the peaceful applications of nuclear energy.

Al-Shuraiaan will be meeting with several French nuclear officials to discuss cooperation between Kuwait and France on peaceful nuclear technology. Attracting as many as 700 senior international officials, the conference is mainly intended to promote the peaceful and responsible use of nuclear energy. During the two-day conference, held at the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) headquarters, the conferees are to mull over several nuclear issues and how to spur and encourage multi
lateral cooperation to help those countries that seek peaceful nuclear energy.


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